Partner Spotlight:Fretz Construction

image image image imageFretz Construction has been one of Cristo Rey Jesuit’s most loyal and supportive partners.

A partner since the school’s incepton, this year employees saw 4-year Corporate Work-Study student Samina Dunbar graduate as part of the class of 2015.

Fretz Construction executives Bob Fretz and Millie Scott say Samina will be sorely missed.

Ms. Scott has some advice for companies who may be hesitant to hire  a student worker.

“Do it! You’ll benefit as much if not more than they do. Having a student working in the office brings a fresh energy and a new perspective. While the student energizes the office, the office staff have the opportunity to get to know them, encourage them, act as mentors – there is absolutely a mutual benefit. Don’t be deterred by the student’s age. In reality the younger a student is the more time you have to really support them, encourage them and have an impact on their


Samina heads off to Stanford in a few weeks.  She was moved beyond words by the send off thrown by her “Fretz family.”

“I am so grateful,” she said.