Partner Spotlight: BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass is an exceptional Cristo Rey Jesuit Work-Study partner.

Not only does the banking giant employ a full team of four students, its leadership is also committed to providing banking education to the “underbanked.”

“Our Work-Study students are amazing young professionals. Not only do we want to give them meaningful work assignments, want to educate them about their personal finance management,” said Executive VP Heather Fitzmorris.

The students who work at BBVA Compass are all assigned to Wealth Finance.

All of them praise their colleagues for giving them “real” work assignments and providing them with knowledge image image image image image  that can be reflected on a competitive resume.

Fitzmorris says she was immediately impressed with all of the students and encourages other companies to “take the plunge” with Work-Study.

“I like the energy.  As you get older, you get tainted by life.  They all have such a positive attitude.  They are so skilled and professional, they fit right in with us.”