Partner Spotlight: Back to Work!

image image image image image image imageThis week marked the beginning of the 2015-2016 Corporate Work-Study work year.

While all 30 schools in the Cristo Rey Network brag on their Corporate Work-Study departments, ours is truly exceptional.

This year the team organized two days of site visits with ALL faculty and staff traveling to jobs with assigned students as they got their work-study orientations from their employers.

“I was not that jazzed about going,” said one staff member. “But that was one of the best things this school has ever done.  It felt like I was a momma letting my chick out of the nest.  And it was clear the company was impressed that board members, sponsors, donors and school leaders were along for the ride.”

At Transwestern (featured photo) top executives made time to welcome new student workers and welcome back returning ones.

Two beautiful days!  Way to go work-study team!