Building the Kingdom: Service and Gratitude

Cristo Rey Jesuit students, faculty/staff, board members and supporters came together for an event that represents one of out school’s critical missions: serving others.

The volunteer effort for Building the Kingdom 2015 resulted in some amazing accomplishments at non-profits, schools and special programs all over town.  Building the Kingdom by the numbers:

* 15 buses loaded
*  More than 5,000 articles of clothing sorted
* 1,000 pounds of potatoes sorted
* Hundreds of gardens spruced up
* More than 6,000 emergency meals prepared
* Hundreds of children inspired

At St. Vincent de Paul alone, great progress was made. 1,000 articles of clothing were processed at that location alone.

Cristo Rey Jesuit staff member Lauren Thompson reported her group made great progress. “Freshmen groups 2 and 8 packaged 3,100 meals at the Houston Food Bank,” she shared.

It was a particularly moving day for many of the freshmen experiencing Building the Kingdom for the first time.  They are beginning to understand the true meaning of our goal to spiritually educate young men and women for others. “I am not sure I understood what the day meant before last week,” one freshman shared. “But when they explained that what we were doing meant someone ate that day, I understood.”

After the half day of service, the group attended a special assembly honoring veterans. Students introduced family and friends who have served our country.

Congratulations to Rachel Hasan, Kelly Bartusiak, Sarah Ramirez and the entire Building the Kingdom planning team!