November: A Very Special Month

“The story is going to end well, wherever my story ends, it’s part of a bigger story, and the story is going to end well.”  These are the words of Father TJ Martinez, SJ after being diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2014.  During this month, the one year anniversary of his passing, we remember Father Martinez… the way he made us feel that each one of us was his best friend, the way he lit up a room when he walked in, the way he inspired each of us to ‘go forth and set the world on fire’.  We welcome your prayers, your strength and your continued support as the Cristo Rey Jesuit community remembers our beloved Founding President, Father TJ Martinez.

“You are my pride and joy, you are the highlight of my life. I will live and die with my favorite story being you,” was stated by Father Martinez in a special ceremony with the student body during his last months at the school.