New CRJ Leadership

The following is an excerpt a holiday message from David Garcia-Prats, our new Principal/Director of Academics:
I am honored and humbled to be the next Director of Academics.  I am also grateful for all of the blessings this school has received and one is certainly our outgoing Director of Academics Ms. Katherine Cater.

We will always remember the time, commitment, love, and leadership that she has given to the Cristo Rey Jesuit Community.  When she arrived at the start of the third year of the school, we had just opened the second floor of the building and welcomed the 300 students onto campus.

Now the schools boasts over 500 students, three graduating classes, and more success stories than I can share in a letter.   She will be missed when she joins her beloved family in the Carolinas next semester.

While we must reflect back, we must do so always recognizing that life progresses forward.  It is with that mindset that I begin my tenure as Principal and Director of Academics.

It has been a joy to see the school blossom from an idea into the vibrant and loving community that it is today.

I have been a part of the failures and successes, the tears and the joys, and have seen teachers, families and students come and go during this time.  I feel honored and privileged to take on this opportunity and responsibility.

I want to thank Dean Gutierrez for his constant support, leadership, and hopefulness, and I’d like to welcome Sarah Goepfert-Moore into her new role as Dean of Academics.

At the start of the year, people often commit to resolutions and promises as a way to start anew.   I resolve and promise that I will honor the work of those who have paved the way before me, especially Father Martinez and Ms. Cater.

I promise to love each student who walks through our doors. I resolve to push and challenge the school to reach new heights.  Your student deserves no less than this.  

I ask for your support and prayers for me, my family, and as always the entire community of Cristo Rey Jesuit.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Viva Cristo Rey Jesuit!