NFL Star Makes 7th CRJ Visit

Mike McCoy made a name for himself as a Heisman nominee and NFL standout on three football teams. Since leaving the field, he has made an equally impressive name for himself as a minister of God’s word.
When McCoy retired from football, he spent some 20 years serving various prison and youth ministries.

These days, traveling the country to minister to students about channeling their inner champion is his passion and life’s work.

God was already the foundation of his life by the time he graduated from Notre Dame and went on to be a standout player for the Giants, Packers and Raiders.

“I was brought up in a religious family and attended church every Sunday. I went to try to please God and tried to keep His commandments. I failed many times and felt very guilty. I was about to give up on my Faith. I then met a teammate with the Green Bay Packers who helped me see difference between religion and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

McCoy has spoken to freshmen at Cristo Rey Jesuit every year since the school opened in 2009. He says he “so admired the spirit and message” of Founding President TJ Martinez, SJ.

McCoy’s presentation on faith, taking hits in life,and following the right voices included student Manuel acting as an NFL player; and Danielle guiding a blindfolded Laura through imaginary life’s land mines.

“Decisions determine our destiny,” he shared. “These things will determine what happens the rest of our lives.”

“Alcohol, drugs and sex are the most dangerous things in our society,” he stressed while sharing his own mother’s struggle with drug addiction.

Students were mesmerized by the very real message McCoy brought to CRJ. While they loved seeing him show his Notre Dame and NFL rings, they clung to his words.

“That was so great.  I loved it. And I loved him talking about his late wife and what she brought to his life,” said freshman Gabriel.

McCoy has four grown children and eight grandchildren. After losing his beloved wife Kia to cancer a few years ago, he now lives in Jacksonville Florida with his second wife Eileen.