Juniors Grow Socially and Spiritually During Retreats

The Boys’ Junior Retreat was held at a beautiful retreat center in Navasota, Texas, among majestic pine forests and crystal clear lakes.  In addition to daylong activities, the 66 students played a rousing game of GaGa ball as part of their social growth and attended prayer sessions to grow their spirituality.

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The Girls’ Junior Retreat was held in an equally beautiful setting. “We are all more alike than different,” was the consensus of the girls at the retreat. Close, personal relationships were made with God, retreat leaders and mentors, and classmates.

Among the beautiful stretches of rolling hills, tree-lined roads and sun-reflecting lakes, the 77 young women prayed, played and ate together, bonding them emotionally and spiritually. “We had so much fun playing Capture the Flag,” said Emily Ulloa during the retreat.  “We are all getting to know each other better. I realize now that everyone has problems and flaws, but we are going back to school feeling closer to people that we just passed in the halls before.”