Backpacking With the Woods Club

More than a dozen Cristo Rey Jesuit students joined teacher/chaperones Erin Callister, Mike Martin, and Diego Pacheco for a 10-mile hike through the Four Notch Loop Trail in the Sam Houston National Forest. “We hiked an average of 10 miles with 20 lbs of gear on our backs! It was a great trip,” said Callister.

The students were: Margot Bolanos-Gamez, Matthew Flores, Ullysses Martinez, Ayishat Mag Adeniran, Scholastica Gbashah, Emily Ulloa, Jannet Jiminez, Marcus Tierrablanca, Jada Kinch, Moises Chavez, Elizabeth Luna, Sandra Garcia, Whitney Crawford, and Lucy Reyes.
They are hoping to be considered for the two-week summer trip to one of three locations:  Yosemite, Glacier National Park and the Pacific Rim Trail aka The Donner Pass.