Deloitte Improves Students’ Lives

One of our generous Corporate Work-Study Program partners, Deloitte, recently organized volunteers to improve the outside of our school, as they have the past four years. Deloitte volunteers built an outdoor picnic area, cleaned our bleachers, painted our curbs and spruced up our courtyard as part of our annual Deloitte Impact Day.
IMG_0821 IMG_0839 IMG_0841 IMG_0848 IMG_0854 Deloitte Courtyard Deloitte in dirt IMG_0889
Deloitte is dedicated to Cristo Rey Jesuit throughout the year. Not only do the Deloitte volunteers transform the outside of Cristo Rey Jesuit, but also transform our students by working with our tenth grade students to develop their professional skills. Deloitte Academy is held each year for College Readiness students to teach them how to use software programs and to help them develop their professional skills, according to Luis Castro, Managing Director Deloitte Advisory. Castro is the project manager for all Cristo Rey Jesuit/Deloitte projects.