School Experiment Underway in Space

If all is going as planned on the International Space Station (ISS), experiments have begun on the slime mold study Cristo Rey Jesuit sent to the space station. The Cristo Rey Jesuit experiment was one of 5,000 science experiments, hardware and supplies carried on board the spacecraft.

After the Cristo Rey Jesuit slime mold is fed coconut water for several weeks, cameras will be taking photos every five minutes, creating a time-lapse film, which will indicate if the slime mold reacts to different stimuli in microgravity. The spacecraft is slated to return to earth August 29th, at which time the data will be evaluated. 

“Our students were incredibly dedicated to seeing this experiment through after re-engineering the experiment following the explosion of the spacecraft in 2014,” said Greg Adragna, Cristo Rey Jesuit project leader and science teacher.  “We’re excited to see what gravity does to our experiment.”