Tim Kaine’s CRJ Visit

When the Democratic Presidential ticket became official the evening of July 28, there were Houston families who watched with special interest.

They are current and previous school leaders and parents who know Vice Presidential candidate (then DNC chair and Governor) Tim Kaine visited Cristo Rey Jesuit in 2010.

“We knew he was a rising member of the Democratic Party,” said Director of Development Bee Dickson.

Kaine, who proclaimed his pride in being a Jesuit when he was announced as a VP contender, spent a great deal of time speaking with Cristo Rey Jesuit students during his visit.

“You can be a mayor. I was a mayor. You can be governor. You can be anything.”

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From a story published on the Cristo Rey Jesuit website after the visit:

A product of a Jesuit college prep education, Kaine began his career in public service when he took a year off from law school to volunteer with Jesuit missionaries in Honduras. He recognizes the value of a Jesuit education and is especially interested in learning more about the dreams and expectations of our students at Cristo Rey Jesuit.

Editor’s note: Presidential candidates from both parties have been invited to visit with Cristo Rey Jesuit students.