Partner Spotlight: Student Continues San Jose Clinic Work

When Kris Marie Gonzales was paired with the San Jose Clinic in downtown Houston in 2011 for her Corporate Work-Study Program (CWSP) job, she discovered her “calling” in the healthcare field.  After working two years at the Clinic before her 2013 graduation from Cristo Rey Jesuit, the San Jose Clinic offered her a part-time position as a Patient Access Specialist, where ever since, she has been scheduling and registering patients and handling medical records.


“The Corporate Work-Study Program prepared me well for my job at the Clinic,” Gonzales said. Working at the Clinic assured Gonzales that she wanted to remain in the healthcare field. “When I finish school at San Jacinto Community College, I want to become an x-ray technician and continue to work at the Clinic,” she said.   “I will be forever grateful to Cristo Rey Jesuit and the San Jose Clinic for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow more as a person, and for helping me achieve my career goals.”

“During the three years I’ve been supervising Kris Marie, I’ve found her to be reliable, dependable, and trustworthy,” said Clinic Supervisor Nieves McClellan (pictured left with Gonzales). “She strives to do her best in all her assigned duties, and is not afraid to ask for help if clarification is needed.  She has a desire to learn new things; she takes pride in her work; and she strives to continually improve her work performance.”

Gonzales is one of many Cristo Rey students who have done an incredible job at the Clinic.  “The students are always very pleasant, and their eagerness to learn is always great to see,” McClellan added. San Jose Clinic welcomed four new students during their recent CWSP orientation (pictured right).

When Gonzales is not working, she likes to watch movies, go to the park, or volunteer for various organizations.