CRJ Donates Vans

St. John’s College in Belize learned firsthand about Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory School of Houston’s mission to be men and women for others after Cristo Rey Jesuit donated two desperately needed vans to the College. The vans were picked up in Houston and driven to Belize in December by a College employee, and used soon after for the first time to transport 21 boys to a Jesuit retreat center for the boys’ Kairos.

Ms Peralta St Johns College Van Donation van donation picture 2

“The boys were excited because they could not believe the school now owned two vans!” said St. John’s College President Mirtha Alice Peralta. “We are extremely grateful to Cristo Rey Jesuit for the contribution made to St. John’s College, which will undoubtedly assist us as we continue our mission of educating men and women for and with others. President Posoli’s generosity, and his desire to listen and help, will impact many Belizean students for years to come.  We hope that as sister Jesuit institutions we continue to find meaningful ways to collaborate for the benefit of both our schools.”

“St. John’s College usually charters private buses to transport students and teachers to retreats, to school trips, to school community service projects, or to recruitment events,” Peralta said.  “These vans will alleviate the need for us to hire private transportation for these events; thereby, reducing our operating costs.”

“We want all students at our sister Jesuit schools to be successful; so, this was a great opportunity to live our mission of being men and women for others,” Posoli said.