Doing for Others

While some teenagers were swimming at the beach and sleeping in, eight of our students spent Spring Break in Eagle Pass, Texas, painting and repairing homes. For the third year, juniors and seniors worked with students from other Catholic schools to replace roofs and porches, and do necessary repairs to help people in Eagle Pass that were unable to physically or financially repair their homes.

“A special moment I had on the trip was after we had been taken down to the border; as I looked across the river, I saw some people and I began to wave at them hoping they would wave back, and they did,” said junior Daniela Trevino. “In that moment, I realized that those people are my brothers and my sisters in Christ.  As I thought about it, I saw how insignificant that river was. Those people are no different than me, and they should be treated with dignity, respect and love.

“Our homeowner, Petra, was a lovely woman,” Trevino continued. “She showed her appreciation toward us by cooking us lunch every day. She would also come out toward the end of the day and admire all of the hard work we had done and get a big smile on her face.”