Alumni Have Come Home to Teach

Tim Macalino and Kaitlynn Guerrero are familiar faces around our CRJ campus – previously members of our first CRJ graduating class of 2013 and now CRJ teachers.  Both have come “home” to give back to the school they feel has given them a strong foundation. Tim was offered several teaching jobs at various schools; however, “I saw myself teaching here,” Tim said. “It goes back to the mission of this school. I believe in the kids; so, I came back.”

Kaitlynn echoed the same sentiment. “Everything Cristo Rey Jesuit did for me impacted my life, especially encouraging me to go to college.”

Tim attended the University of St. Thomas and graduated in May with an English degree and is now teaching English at CRJ. Kaitlynn received a degree in Sociology and Peace & Justice from Regis University. She is teaching Spanish and is also a Volunteer Service Coordinator.

“When I walked into CRJ, I felt at home,” Tim said. “I almost felt like I was the veteran here.  Although it was odd to think of some of his former teachers as colleagues, Tim said that he formed a good relationship with all of the teachers while completing his student teaching requirements at CRJ.  Eventually, he plans to go back to college to get his master’s degree in educational leadership.

“It felt weird to walk back down these hallways as a teacher, but I’m so excited,” Kaitlynn commented.  “I love seeing the progress of the kids. I want to get involved as much as I can. I want to build onto the incredible foundation that’s already here.”