Coming Together During Devastation

Cristo Rey Jesuit staff and faculty members have come together for our 540 families in the midst of the chaos and devastation left by the catastrophic winds and rain of Hurricane Harvey.  After reaching out to CRJ families to assess their needs, a plan is in process to help our families — from those who have been displaced, to those who are in need of food and clothing. Staff and faculty members are doing everything they can to help our community recover.

Many employees have volunteered at shelters around town as we continue our efforts to regain some normalcy. Our alumni also continue to carry out our mission to be men and women for others — pitching in around Houston to help those devastated by the storm.

“I’m super grateful for the Jesuit education I received over the course of four years,” said one of our alumnus who helped to set up a relief center with 500 cots. “I’m glad that ‘doing the Magis’ was reiterated as much as possible while I attended CRJ and that Fr. TJ Martinez {Founding President of Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory School of Houston} always encouraged us to go forth and set the world on fire.
“I am extremely grateful with God because my house never once came close to flooding, my streets were clear for the most part, and in all, I’ve lost nothing,” she continued. “So in return, here we are trying to be men and women for others, which is something I can only hope my little brother {who attends CRJ} is also able to learn from Cristo Rey Jesuit. Please let me know if there is anything that CRJ will be doing to help families, if any students need any help, or if the school needs to be cleaned out in any way.”

We will update this story as we move forward in our recovery.