Discovering Summer Learning

Cristo Rey Jesuit participates in the DiscoverU Program, which provides summer learning opportunities for juniors. One of our rising seniors, Margot, had the opportunity to attend two enrichment programs this summer – the Global Youth Summit at Waltham’s Brandeis University and the Summer Training in Agriculture & Related Sciences (STARS) program with Texas A&M University. In an email to Cristo Rey Jesuit leadership, Margot shared her exciting experiences.

“At the STARS program, I had the chance to experience how Texas A&M students live on campus and the many possibilities the agricultural field has for the soon-to-be graduates,” Margot said. “That was my biggest lesson under STARS – to never underestimate the endless possibilities we can take under agriculture other than the well-known soil, animal, and crop sciences.

“On the other hand, what made the Global Youth Summit great was not solely based on the experiences inside the medical institutes, but the culturally diverse group that took a major role in the activities,” Margot continued.  “I left Brandeis yearning for higher expectations of myself and my community.  I learned that everyone has something invaluable to share for the minds of others to grow intellectually. The medical field is far wider and more complex than I’d imagined. Furthermore, I know that there will be days where working in such a field will be excruciating, but a support system is key to striving. Thanks to you, I was able to participate in the Global Youth Summit at Waltham’s Brandeis University and the STARS program with Texas A&M. Both were incredibly awesome opportunities that, if I could, I would go again!”