Students Show Their Love

Along with donations of money, food, supplies and clothing after Hurricane Harvey hit, CRJ was blessed to receive more than 50 cards and videos with well wishes. To raise the spirits of students, and faculty and staff members, students at the Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas raised money to purchase spirit shirts for everyone at CRJ. Shirts were handed out during lunch, and most of the student body, and faculty and staff wore them to the tailgate that week.


How it happened: “Soon after Hurricane Harvey, our principal, Tom Garrison, took the stage after our Friday prayer service,” said Tucker Redding, the videographer in the Communications Department at Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas, who visited CRJ during our tailgate.  When considering how they could do something for their brother school in Houston, the principal discovered that there was a lingering need to be addressed: the spirit of the community. Throughout the lunch periods that day, Jesuit Dallas students contributed donations for the shirts, and during their freshman mixer, student council members continued to raise money by selling raffle tickets. “Within a few days, the students had collected the money needed to provide a sense of spirit and community, things that they hold dear, to their brothers and sisters at Cristo Rey Jesuit,” he said.  The money raised also paid for the snow cones at the tailgate, rally towels, and some of the Homecoming Dance decorations.