A Walk in a Refugee’s Shoes

Seniors have reached out across Houston to help feed the homeless, spend time with the elderly, save our environment and much more.  Among the many senior social justice projects underway this month, there is one project that involved all of our students as well as some middle school students who came to our campus to walk in the shoes of a refugee.  As each student entered our courtyard, they were handed a piece of paper with the description of a refugee. Students took on that persona as they experienced the many struggles refugees face.

Students learned about the battles refugees endure daily to find adequate shelter, food, clean water, school supplies and medical treatment. To get a sense of what it’s like to carry 40 pounds of water each day (a common refugee experience in some countries), students carried weights, and then decide whether to use the water to bathe, cook, or drink. Our seniors are hoping to impact the students and encourage them to “appreciate what they have” and to “take the time to volunteer at community centers and shelters.”