Enbridge Emphasizes Students Learn Team Building and Decision-Making Skills

As we proceed through our 11th year of successfully preparing more than 500 current Cristo Rey Jesuit (CRJ) students to be college-bound men and women for others, we conclude our series of articles highlighting our 10 founding partners with the following tribute to Enbridge, Inc.

Cristo Rey Jesuit welcomed the new year with the continuation of a longtime partnership with Enbridge, Inc. — one of our 10 founding partners who has been employing our students for more than a decade. Team building and development of decision-making skills are paramount to what Enbridge supervisors have been teaching CRJ students in their Corporate Work-Study Program (CWSP) jobs.

“The students are our employees; so, they are treated like employees,” said Johnique Lang, Analyst II, HR Compliance, who supervised and coordinated the CWSP at Enbridge the past 10 years. “Most of the time, students are assigned to work with the Human Resources (HR) Department where they are exposed to a variety of jobs to learn a range of skills. For example, students attend HR committee meetings so they can learn to speak in front of a group.  However, our goal is to expose each student to a wealth of workplace information and experiences.

“We are focused on helping the students be successful,” Johnique said. For example, Enbridge employed a CRJ student who expressed an interest in information technology (IT). “We wanted to put him to work in a department that would help him succeed in his future endeavors; so, he was assigned to our IT department where he learned an array of IT skills.” After members of Enbridges’ IT Department mentored the student, the student decided to study IT in college. “It’s important to build the students’ confidence,” Johnique said. “We continually ask the students, ‘What can we do to help you be successful?’”

Johnique expressed that CRJ students are in demand by “all of our departments because the students are incredibly helpful with a multitude of projects. The students are very valuable to our company.”

“I want the students to know that what they are doing is meaningful,” she added. “Even if they are just shredding, they are helping Enbridge maintain our confidentiality, which is a big help toward our daily operations.”

Johnique based much of her management style on a similar program she participated in when she was in high school after she was assigned to work at Enbridge through a work-study program. “It was my first time in a corporate office; so, I know how the students might feel working in an office for the first time.  I started here and never left. I was them at one time.” 

Thank you Enbridge, one of our 158 CWSP partners, for an incredible 10-year partnership, working together to form work-experienced, college-bound students who embody the values necessary to become men and women for others. Cheers to another 10 years of successfully partnering to inspire and prepare our students to succeed in college and in the corporate world.