Texans Foundation, Reliant Energy and Touchdown Club Award Funding to Cristo Rey Jesuit Football Program

Thanks to a generous gift from the Houston Texans Foundation, Reliant Energy and the Touchdown Club of Houston, the Cristo Rey Jesuit football team will be purchasing a multi-person hydration system, as well as some much needed weights.  “With safety being one of my biggest concerns, this funding will help us ensure our players’ safety after we purchase a hydration system that players can use during practices and games,” said Cristo Rey Jesuit Athletic Director Brandon Murray.

Cristo Rey Jesuit is one of eight Houston-area high schools awarded $2,200 to purchase athletic equipment, and recently received cleats, jerseys, Personal Protective Equipment, athletic training supplies, and 12 footballs (supplies pictured below), with the gift totaling $3,500 in funding. The grant total for all schools is $25,000.  Video interviews were conducted of coaches from each school.

“This new equipment will help us build the program,” Murray continued. “I started our football program three years ago with 45 players, after 75 students, none of whom had ever played on a football team, tried out.”

Although football competitions are on hold during Covid-19, football conditioning continues with precautionary measures, including social distancing and sanitizing all equipment. 

“If we can teach our athletes that being on a team is not all about the final scoreboard numbers, then we’ve won!,” Murray said. “Students win when they come together and work as a team, regardless of the outcome; they win when they encourage each other to do well in their classes; they win if they leave here as the best person they can be — as men and women for others.

“Thank you to the Texans Foundation and Reliant for helping us to expand and improve our athletic programs,” Murray said. “We may be a young program, still growing and developing, but we are Lion strong!!!

“I pinch myself every morning and think ‘I can’t believe I’m living my dream job,’” Murray concluded. While in college at Murray State University, Coach Murray wrote in a notebook that his dream job would be to work in a struggling high school football program so he could instill the values he learned while playing football in college. He is living his dream while also making student dreams come true.

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