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General Tips

  • You must file FAFSA every single year to continue receiving financial aid and scholarships!
  • Start your scholarship search with your college or university. Schools will offer scholarships to their students. Sometimes you are automatically considered when you apply to the school, but some schools require an additional application to be considered. Make sure you know how scholarships work at your school!
  • Start your search early. Many scholarships will require essays, and you want to make sure you have enough time to complete the application well.
  • Make connections with your professors early on. Some scholarships will require letters of recommendation, so have some ideas of which professors you could ask. You should avoid asking your high school teachers for letters of recommendation after you have started college.
  • Keep your resume updated with all relevant work and leadership experiences.
  • Request official copies of your Cristo Rey Jesuit transcript through the link on the Alumni Portal.
  • Find out where to request official copies of your college transcript, in case that is needed for the application.

Scholarships for Minorities

Texas Scholarships


Emma Chee, M.Ed.

Alumni Program Manager