Campus Ministry – Service Programs


“Jesuit education helps students to realize that talents are gifts to be developed, not for self-satisfaction or self-gain, but rather, with the help of God, for the good of the human community. Students are encouraged to use their gifts in the service of others, out of a love for God…” (Characteristics of Jesuit Education, 82).

Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, each student at Cristo Rey Jesuit will further their formation as men and women for others through participation in a required service hours program. (Requirements are subject to change during this time of COVID-19)

While a school-wide initiative, the service program will have different requirements for each grade level in the school. In order to meet the requirements set forth for their grade level, students must complete the required number of service visits per semester as well as log all visits and reflection materials on the school’s online service database

Freshman Year: Service to the School Community

In their first year at Cristo Rey Jesuit, the Freshman Class will participate in service aimed at maintaining the building and culture of Cristo Rey Jesuit itself. Before venturing into the community, Freshman students will be mentored by faculty and staff in tasks that give back to the immediate school community. This mentorship will take the form of supervision of the service goal by specific faculty/staff members. Faculty/staff community leaders will also facilitate leading discussions about the service goal during each community meeting.

Sophomore Year: Service to MY Community

Sophomore students will be encouraged and expected to venture into their communities to complete their service visits. As second year students, Sophomores will be expected to complete 2 service visits* per semester of the given academic year.

Junior Year: Service to the Greater Houston Community

Junior students will be encouraged and expected to venture into the greater Houston community to complete their service visits. As third year students, Juniors will be expected to complete 3 service visits* per semester of the given academic year.

Senior Year: Working for Justice

Senior students will continue to complete service through the Senior Social Justice Course. Seniors will complete 4 service visits* during the fall and complete their capstone project in the spring.

*A visit refers to spending at least 1.5 hours in service at the site. Only one visit and log entry may be completed in one day.


Service  Program Coordinator:  Manny Barraza