CWSP – alternative staffing

CWSP as an Alternative Staffing Solution

When you secure the Corporate Work-Study Program as your alternative staffing solution, you fill your high turnover positions at a lower cost, while supporting our mission in providing economically-challenged students with professional work experience.

Student Worker Profile

Student Worker Profile

  • 98% students of color
  • 100% trained with critical, valuable social and technical skills demanded by the modern workplace

Student Workplace Performance

  • 97% daily work attendance
  • 96% meets or exceed expectations in the workplace, as reported by supervisors

What Student Workers Do

Finance and Accounting

  • Manage tasks to complete Accounts Payable process
  • Conduct collections communications
  • Enter data in vendor management system
  • Process cash receipts, expense reports, credit applications

Student Workplace Performance

  • 97% daily work attendance
  • Scan and laminate important documents for retention
  • Manage customer account information and payments
  • Deliver newspapers and mail to employees

Human Resources

  • Assist HR staff with new hire orientation, payroll, and open enrollment process
  • Scan and organize recruitment documents
  • Research potential job candidates and source resumes
  • Translate HR documents into Spanish


  • Prepare customer mailings and brochures, update sponsors on marketing data
  • Build client social media calendar and curate content for social media channels
  • Support client websites Analyze and summarize customer feedback


  • Image laptops for new employees and consultants
  • Update computers by installing and/or removing software applications
  • Configure, correct, and text remote laptops
  • Routinely monitor, test computer hardware


  • Manage contract execution tracking
  • Review case documents and complete steps to update case file status
  • Conduct online research
  • Maintain master customer contract database and related stipulations

We make the hiring process easy

Competitive Fees

CWSP offers competitive pricing, as seen in the chart below. The annual cost is greatly reduced and we take care of payroll & benefits, which translates into big savings for you!


Ms. Misty Helm

Director, Corporate Work-Study

281-501-1298 x113