CWSP – How it works

How it Works


Students are employed through Cristo Rey Work Study Program, Inc., which is a separate entity and acts as a subsidiary of Cristo Rey Jesuit. Essentially, we are a temporary employment agency, where our students are contracted out to perform services for corporations around the Houston area. Therefore, the fee is charged as a “fee for service” business expense and is not a donation.

Cost of Education

Through the Corporate Work-Study Program students are able to earn up to 50% of the cost of their education at Cristo Rey Jesuit. Consequently, most families pay less than $400 a year for their child’s education, compared to the Texas average of $10,430 for a private secondary school.

Job Sharing & Academic Schedule

Students work in a four person job-sharing team to fill one equivalent full-time position, Monday through Friday, for the entire academic year (September to May). This system allows students to never have to miss a class and allows other students to experience the program. In addition, you have the option to employ students during breaks and throughout the summer, where the CWSP office will process payments and pass earnings directly to students.

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Ms. Misty Helm

Director, Corporate Work-Study

281-501-1298 x113