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Remote Work

Driven by a combination of factors related to COVID-19, Cristo Rey Jesuit found it necessary to introduce a Remote Work Lab for student workers. Remote work represents an opportunity to achieve the intended outcomes of the work-study model for both student workers and job partners, but in a wholly new and innovative manner.

Cristo Rey Jesuit offers an innovative Remote Work Lab as part of its traditional work-study model by:

  • Assigning every student a school-provided computing device: Employers can also provide company owned devices that are securely stored as well as confidential documents, which are also stored in a secured space.
  • Requiring all remote student workers to undergo training in: IT security, confidentiality, online threat protection and remote work best practices.
  • Providing students with secure, high-speed internet on campus with full access to the Microsoft Suite.
  • Having dedicated staff responsible to provide pre-work orientation, supervise and troubleshoot throughout the workday, and maintain daily student check-ins for students and corporate supervisors. 

Student Professional Development and Engagement

All Cristo Rey Jesuit students go through the Prepare for Success: Business Training Institute, a professional business development program, where they are trained on work-etiquette and leadership skills. We encourage supervisor and student engagement by having weekly scheduled meetings, with the focus of tracking the student’s progress and providing feedback. Students have expressed the positive impact from this year’s engagement sessions, which have resulted in improvement in student communication skills, presentation delivery, and professionalism.

Please click here to view examples of remote work that our students are doing with other partners.


Ms. Misty Helm

Director, Corporate Work-Study

281-501-1298 x113