Associate Dean of Student Support

Job Summary:

Appointed by the Principal, the Associate Dean of Student Support serves the mission and community of Cristo Rey by coordinating the tiered academic support the school offers to students who face systematic academic and learning challenges. The Associate Dean also assists with the daily management of the Summer Credit Recovery and Enrichment programs.

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Primary Responsibilities:

Academic Support

  • Collaborate with the Dean of Counseling in the design and implementation of a school counseling program for academics.
  • Work with students who demonstrate a need for additional academic support to assess their current academic standing and skills, heighten their awareness regarding the areas of difficulty they face, identify opportunities for growth, and determine action/intervention plans that support their goals and greater academic success. Follow up with students on a regular basis to monitor their progress over time.
  • Facilitate communication among teachers to identify students’ needs and determine necessary support strategies (e.g., scaffolding, accommodations, referrals). Convene meetings regarding specific students as needed.
  • In collaboration with the Associate Dean of Academics, analyze relevant data regarding student learning and achievement. Arrange for conversations with teachers and/or parents/guardians to discuss the data and strategies to enhance student learning.
  • Oversee the work of the academic advisors/college readiness teachers.
  • Design and deliver developmentally appropriate activities directly to students in College Readiness classes
  • Distribute mandatory office hour notices to students, maintain attendance roster, and follow up on student attendance as needed.
  • Coordinate and supervise the program of external tutoring after school hours.
  • Maintain communication with parents/guardians about the progress of the students and the questions and concerns they may have regarding the Academic Support program.
  • Work with the Counseling Department to help address student, teachers, and/or parent inquiries and concerns regarding student academic advisory and support services.
  • Participate in Student Support weekly meetings and discuss students who are receiving or are in need of additional academic support.
  • Collaborate with the Associate Dean of Academics to develop a systematic school data summary, determine annual student outcome goals
  • Facilitate communication and serve as a liaison between students, families, teachers, school counselors, CWSP and academic advisors regarding students with academic concerns.
  • Collaborate with the Dean of Counseling, teachers, college readiness/academic advisors, and parents, in developing and implementing academic plans for students who are absent for extended periods of time.
  • Advise the Principal on the retention of students.
  • Manage the Summer Credit Recovery and Enrichment programs. Assess the academic growth of students enrolled.

Administrative Duties:

  • Serve on the Principal’s administrative team; actively participate in the team’s weekly meetings, and collaborate regularly with the team on broader school initiatives (e.g., schoolwide events for parents/families such as Back-to-School Night).
  • Meet regularly with the Principal and the Dean of Counseling to report on academic support efforts, current and projected caseload, status of the Academic Support Team, noteworthy challenges or concerns, etc.
  • Assist in other duties as assigned by the Dean of Counseling.
  • Perform assigned responsibilities according to CRJ’s policies and procedures.
Position Requirements:
  • Bilingual (English-Spanish) - required
  • Strong interpersonal skills: active listening, strong communication skills, teamwork, dependability, leadership, motivation, flexibility, multi-tasking ability
Educational and Experience Requirements:
  • Master of Education in School Counseling or equivalent degree
  • Certified School Counselor is strongly preferred.
  • 5 years of teaching experience
  • 2-5 years experience as a secondary school counselor

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