Sponsor A Student Scholarship

Sponsor A Student Scholarship

Amidst the world-wide pandemic and Houston’s oil crisis, Cristo Rey Jesuit students are presented with unfavorable odds. The pandemic has presented our students and their families with illness, death, unemployment, food scarcity, housing distress, limited access to basic resources including technology. Virtual learning places our students at a greater disadvantage than their peers and may widen the education gap with our students falling further behind.

Cristo Rey Jesuit students will not quarantine their future!

This combination of a volatile economy and pandemic has placed a financial strain on Cristo Rey Jesuit.  Many companies that hire our students and provide the opportunity for them to earn half of the cost of their education will not be able to return this year, creating a loss of more than $1 million in revenue to Cristo Rey Jesuit.

Cristo Rey Jesuit will be resilient to the impact of Covid-19 on our education!

Cristo Rey Jesuit is a wise investment in Houston’s future!


Mrs. Bee Dickson

Executive Director, Community Engagement