Sponsor A Student Scholarship

Sponsor A Student Scholarship

The Cristo Rey Jesuit model of education is quite unique and very powerful, every student is on scholarship every year.  How is the school funded?

Our students work at 150 blue-ribbon companies around Houston earning half of the cost of their education while gaining valuable work experience, confidence, and a support network.  The other half of their education is funded supporters, like you, bridge the crucial gap to keep our students learning and growing into the future leaders of tomorrow!  

The Sponsor a Student program pairs together students and sponsors.  As a Sponsor, we will match you with a freshman student from whom you will receive periodic correspondence and follow them along their path as they work towards graduation and college! Many Cristo Rey Jesuit supporters enjoy getting to know some of the students and find joy and encouragement in their correspondence while being reminded the importance of Cristo Rey Jesuit to our community.  It’s a great way to see the impact of your support first hand!

We are very excited about the power of a one-to-one connection between students and supporters and we hope you will consider a sponsoring a student scholarship.  There is nothing more rewarding than watching a Cristo Rey Jesuit student grow into a Cristo Rey Jesuit graduate.

The cost of a sponsorship is $6,250 per year or a pledge of $25,000 to cover all four years of their Cristo Rey Jesuit education. Click below to Sponsor a Student or contact Nora Ogle or 281-501-1298